7 Ways Generosity Will Improve Your Business


by Brad Formsma

GENEROSITY MEANS GIVING without expecting anything in return. It’s one small word, but it can completely change your life. However, generosity is not only a personal value to live by, it also has significant importance in the world of business. Generosity in business is more than just a strategy; it is a way of life that can lead to greater success and fulfillment for everyone involved.


Generosity in business is an essential aspect of building strong and lasting relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders. When leaders show generosity, it creates a sense of trust and loyalty in those who engage with them. Customers are more likely to return to businesses that show kindness and generosity toward them, and employees are more likely to stay with a company when leaders value them as individuals and show appreciation for their hard work.

Generosity can also lead to increased business opportunities. When you give generously to your community, you gain positive exposure and attract new customers who appreciate your efforts. In addition, being generous with your time and resources can create partnerships with other organizations and individuals that can lead to massive growth and new opportunities. It’s been said that the world of the generous grows larger and larger!

Generosity in business can create a sense of purpose and fulfillment for everyone involved. When you operate with a generous mindset, you can make a positive impact on your community and the world around you. In addition, generosity can lead to increased happiness and satisfaction for employees, customers and stakeholders, which ultimately leads to greater success and profitability for your business.


Often, we incorrectly equate generosity with financial giving. While giving of our finances is an important part of the generous life, there are Seven Ways we can choose to live generously and each of these ways can have a massive impact on business:

Generous Thoughts — So much of our lives is dictated by our mindset, for good or bad. Positivity, thankfulness and generosity begin in your mind. Negative thoughts and assumptions produce negative outcomes. Actively focusing on what is positive produces positive outcomes. Choose to be generous with your thoughts for your own benefit, the benefit of your coworkers and your company. Generous thoughts expand beyond how we think about ourselves to how we think about others. Have you ever considered how giving the benefit of the doubt could impact your working relationships? It’s a powerful and lifechanging form of generosity.

Generous Words — Your words, directed to both yourself and others, have immense power to cut down or build up. Harnessing the tongue to encourage and motivate others is crucial in the workplace. Your words will have a lasting impact on those around you. Generous words can include the tone you use, words of praise, words of inspiration and vision, constructive feedback or simple kindness and patience. When you choose to be generous with your words you empower others to become better versions of themselves.

Generous Time — One of the most valuable resources we have is our time. You likely want to use your time effectively, but perhaps it feels as though there are never enough hours in the day. When you accomplish goals on time, you honor others. When you are generous with your time, listen to others or assist with a project, you demonstrate that you truly care.

Time is valuable, and you can use it to demonstrate serving leadership.

Generous Attention — In a world where everyone is distracted by technology and busy schedules, giving someone your full attention can be a powerful gift. Businesses can show generosity by listening attentively to their customers, employees, and stakeholders and making them feel heard and valued. It’s powerful to be fully present. Everyone has ideas and thoughts that need to be heard and considered (within boundaries). Generous attention encourages creativity and demonstrates appreciation.

Generous Influence — As a leader, you have a significant level of influence in your company and your life. Recognizing this truth is a powerful revelation and will allow you to see ways you can help others achieve their goals. A generous influence produces organic teamwork and a culture of connection and looking out for one another. When the company operates from a place of selflessness and pursues the success of others, it tends to flourish.

Generous Money — Money is one of the driving forces of any business and can be a powerful force for good when it is partnered with generosity. While you can’t meet every financial need you see, there are opportunities you can step into. When you lead from a ‘people- first’ posture, there will be big and small opportunities for financial giving. Small acts of monetary generosity can have tremendous impact.

Generous Belongings — Sharing is a primary form of generosity, but it can be overlooked in fast-paced and individualistic workplaces. A generous leader shares ideas and shares credit in addition to sharing their belongings. Leaders choosing to live with a sharing mindset will tend to reap rewards.

Being a generous leader has the potential to transform your culture, your relationships, your results and your life. Becoming a generous leader is a lifelong journey, and each day we have the opportunity to grow.

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Brad Formsma is CEO and founder of I Like Giving and a speaker, podcast host and author.


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