GMTA’s Leadership Conference Nov. 18-19, 2021


GMTA’s Leadership Conference is a premier member event for owners and C suite-level executives. It’s a unique opportunity to learn, interact, think strategically, and collect information to enhance their company’s productivity. Attendees engage in deep discussions with experts and recognized leaders in an atmosphere that makes the Leadership Conference deeply valuable.

The conference is known for cutting-edge discussions. Past attendees explored EVs, blockchain, cybersecurity, and more – long before those topics were mainstream subjects other needed to catch up on.

This November, join the forward-looking, forward-thinking participants for a day and a half of strategic, actionable education, along with networking and successful innovation discovery.

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Sessions and Speakers

Tort Litigation Is An Industry

Tort Litigation is a money-making industry feeding off others, and those who make the most money in it – billboard plaintiffs’ lawyers – are constantly pushing to change the rules so they can make more. Those in businesses targeted by the plaintiffs’ bar need both knowledge and good allies. Rob Moseley of Moseley, Marcinak is one of the best allies trucking has and will help educate attendees on coming trends and what needs to be done for the sake of the industry’s future.

Know Your Position

In an industry that is both largely family-oriented – and a recent favorite of private equity – it’s important to know your position. Is there a family transition in the future, a sale, or will the sale or merger of others create new rivals (or new opportunities)? Spencer Tenney, CEO of the Tenney Group, the industry’s largest Merger and Acquisition firm, will share the state of the industry, what prospects look like for those looking to buy or sell, and what that might mean in the competitive landscape for other operators.

What is the Real Future of Fueling for the Industry

A few years ago, the demographics of trucking were uniform – that is changing. Kevin Greiner, CEO of Gas South, Georgia’s largest gas marketer with more than 400,000 residential and commercial customers throughout 10 states and Georgia Trend’s Businessperson of the year has dealt with changes in both areas. He’ll share insights on the future of fuel and the push for a net-zero carbon economy, as well as on managing corporate culture in a society with growing diversity.

Managing the Changing Business Climate & Corporate Culture

Diesel, BEV, Hybrids, LNG, Hydrogen – what is the real future of fueling for the industry? What do you need to know, need to think about, and need to plan for? What will your drivers experience? Shameek Konar, CEO, Pilot, Flying J, the multi-billion-dollar company that is the nation’s largest truck stop operator will share his views and insights as someone who is deeply involved in the issue and who has a huge stake in the right answers.

Shippers’ Panel Part V

Supply Chain disruptions were the biggest story of the past year. What will 2022 bring? Will things smooth out and return to normal, remain or even grow more disjointed – or develop into a “new normal.” What do each of these scenarios hold in terms of potential risks or rewards? This Leadership Conference tradition will continue as David and Ron lead the Shippers’ Panel discussion to inform and enlighten attendees with their inside view.

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