Nuclear Verdict Web Series

Nuclear verdicts and trucking accident lawsuits are on the rise.  What can you do to protect your company?
This six-session webinar series will give trucking companies real-life examples and actionable strategies they can use to protect themselves from lawsuits involving truck accidents. The webinar series includes essential details about the most significant trends in litigation we see across the US, as well as specific steps YOU can take to protect yourself.
You’ll get expert insights into how lawyers think, so you have a better understanding of how they approach cases, as well as an in-depth look into what a jury is thinking during deliberation.
GMTA is proud to bring you this webinar series in both a six-week and three-week format to help our members understand what Nuclear Verdicts are and how you can best protect yourself against them. While meeting the demands of your busy schedule.
  • Thursday 9/23 @ 11 am and Tuesday 10/12 @ 2 pm
    • The Threat: Trucking Nuclear Verdicts. What is the impact to your company, on the industry? See perspectives from ATRI, insurance, jury consultants, and defense attorneys.
  • Thursday 9/30 @ 11 am and Thursday 10/15 @ 2 pm
    • The Detonators: What triggers a trucking nuclear verdict? What are the detonators you need to know to protect your company?
  • Thursday 10/7 @ 11 am and Tuesday 10/19 @ 2 pm
    • The Importance of Data Management in Safety: How does a jury perceive the data available from your truck, and how do you handle it and discipline the driver? Get an inside view of the mock jury in this hypothetical case.
  • Thursday 10/14 @ 11 am and Thursday 10/21 @ 2 pm
    • Jury Attitude: What do jurors bring to a trucking trial? What is their perspective regarding you and your company?
  • Thursday 10/21 @ 11 am and Tuesday 10/26 @ 2 pm
    • Denuclearization: How can you limit the risk, if not avoid, a Nuclear Verdict for your trucking company. Avoid bad jurisdictions, challenge medical expenses, deal with the fire hose of data.
  • Thursday 10/28 @ 2 pm
    • Live Q&A: After five information-packed sessions, we know you have questions.  Join us live for a Q&A session with Doug Marcello. You will have a chance to send in your questions ahead of time or chime in on the webinar.


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