2021 Annual Fleet Awards

GMTA is proud to offer an Annual Fleet Awards program to recognize our members, safety professionals, and professional drivers for improving safety and the image of our industry every day.

Great West Casualty Fleet Safety Awards

The Fleet Safety Awards are an annual recognition for carriers operating in the State of Georgia with the best safety record in its class. This is an opportunity to reward the professional efforts of our trucking members who help make our Georgia highways safe. Also, this award offers you a chance to let your drivers know the importance of their contribution to your company’s safety accomplishments. This competition stresses the importance of safety, recognizes professionalism, and focuses on the principles behind safe driving.  Fleet Safety Award – Apply Here!

Safety Professional of the Year

This annual recognition is presented to an active member of the Council who has excelled in the field of truck safety. Nominees must be a member of the Safety Management Council, be employed full-time in Georgia for the past five years, and performing duties directly related to truck fleet loss prevention. Nominations can be made by anyone and previous winners are not eligible. Judging will be based on the professional qualifications of the nominee, his/her success in advancing highway and industrial safety in his/her fleet, and his/her work and leadership in the GMTA Safety Management Council and other professional safety organizations.  Safety Professional of the Year – Apply Here!

Driver of the Year

Nominate one of your drivers for this award and it is one of the most prestigious awards a driver can win. It is an excellent way to recognize a top performer and to promote goodwill among your drivers and their co-workers. The basis for nomination includes the driver’s safety record, years of experience, documented acts of courtesy or heroism, contributions to highway safety, letters of commendation, and any other information relating to his/her professionalism. Any driver is eligible that resides in and/or is domiciled in Georgia, and whose employer is a motor carrier member of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association. Nominations are limited to one driver per company.  GA Driver of the Year – Apply Here!


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