Veritas CFO Podcast


At the end of 2020 GMTA Member, Veritas CFO had Charles Tarbutton, Treasurer/CFO of B-H Transfer, a 250-fleet trucking company, on our their podcast.

Charles is currently serving as the Secretary on GMTA’s Executive committee and spent a few minutes with Matt talking about B-H Transfer and his experience in the short-line railroad industry.

They addressed some of the challenges in the trucking industry about truck parking, the driver shortage, and insurance costs.  Click here to watch. 

Veritas CFO is an outsourced CFO firm that provides expert CFO advice on a part-time basis. We work with transportation companies to ensure they have accurate and timely financials and to maximize shareholder value through P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow management. We also work on special projects like equity/debt financing, M&A and evaluation of liability insurance plans. 

Matt Clark can be reached at [email protected], 404-931-7166 or through the website,


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